Rotary die cutting & creasing

Converting Excellence B.V.  has been a specialist supplier to the packaging industry since 2011. We specialise in rotary tooling and are based in the Netherlands (EU). Firstly, our core business is rotary die cutting and creasing tools. Secondly, we make punching and embossing tools. Thirdly, to mount your tools we make bearing blocks (cassettes), tool frames and stripping units. Furthermore, we help to improve your quality and efficiency by supplying in-line flap-breakers (tab breakers). To help integrate tooling, we make horizontal and vertical embossing units (e.g. Bobst, Wetzel). In short, we are tooling experts that can support you with all your rotary tooling needs! Three years ago – in 2021 – we celebrated our 10th anniversary! We are on the way to our 15 year anniversary!

Rotary die cutting & creasing tools
compatible with Bobst, Komori, ATN, BHS, Cerutti, Gallus, Uteco


Our rotary die cutting & creasing tools run on high-speed machines, such as Bobst, ATN, Komori, BHS, Cerutti, Gallus and Uteco presses. We supply high-quality equipment that is designed and made for high-speed running. Above all, the critical materials such as segments made from PM steel (Powder Metallurgy), bearings and spare parts are all sourced from Europe. As a result that makes them fully comparable with EU competitors. In addition, during commissioning & service visits, Converting Excellence and its experienced service engineers can train your operators and tool engineers how to use our tools and prolong their technical life. Finally, our equipment and spare parts come with warranty.

Repair & reconditioning & re-segmentation of rotary die cutting tools


Firstly, Converting Excellence repairs, reconditions (resharpens) and modifies used rotary die cutting tools and punching tools. In addition, we also recondition (resharpen) and repair die cutting and punching tools from all our main competitors. Finally, we can re-segment die cutting tools. In other words, making them virtually new again. Even during travel bans in 2020 & 2021 our field engineers continued to travel out to service our customers!

Rotary die cutting tool for a Bobst printing press
Looking to .......

repair, recondition, modify or re-segment your existing rotary die-cutting tool or your punching tool? Similarly, are you looking for a quote for a new rotary cutting, creasing, punching or embossing tool?

Then just contact us today.
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The benefits we offer

>> The production runs a 6 days x 24 hours/week schedule. More capacity can be created by overtime and engaging known sub-contractors for our semi-finished products in case your project needs it. This greatly improves your “speed-to-market”. Ask us what can be done!

>> We always try to save you money. We run a lean and mean office and with our production based in China we are attractively priced.

>> We are a service-minded, experienced and flexible team. We always try to respond within 24 hours!

>> Installation and commissioning in production. We offer quality warranty on our tools, repairs and spare parts.

>> We manage the complete project & logistics. Our transport agents have extensive knowledge & experience to pick up your tools and return them safely and in time.

>> Partnership with Yuncheng, a strong and reputable force in the Chinese packaging market. Yuncheng has over 35 years of experience in tool making.

>> We have many years of extensive printing, packaging and tobacco industry knowledge.

Partner with

Hebei Guan Yuncheng Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

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