ATN hydraulic setup tool rig

For customers that run ATN presses, or use ATN Rotary die-cutting units on their printing presses, we make hydraulic setup tool rigs.

These are offline frames that mirror the fixed frames in the rotary die cutting section of the ATN presses. We use such frames ourselves to set up & test the ATN tools we make and recondition. To test the tools under similar conditions as during production, we lock the tool into the offline frame and apply a comparable hydraulic pressure by the hand pump.

This unit allows you as a customer to set up and repair all types of tools (cutting, creasing and embossing) “offline”, thus increasing the uptime of your press considerably. To minimise downtime on the press, you have your spare (cutting) tool ready to go in the press room. In case of a cutting problem (resetting, broken segment, jam up/broken pin(s), stripping finger that needs replacement or adjustment etc.), the troubled tool is taken out and the spare tool put in. The press can then be kept running. The cutting tool that needs a small repair, can be taken offline into the frame and be reset or repaired, preferably by a tool engineer in a quiet tool room. Obvious advantages are increased uptime for the press itself, less disturbance to the operation, much improved precision of the repair & test of the tools before going back into production. The unit can also be used to setup embossing and creasing tools.

ATN Hydraulic Setup Tool Rig – For offline tool repair & setting
ATN Hydraulic Setup Tool Rig - For offline tool repair & setting
ATN Hydraulic Setup Tool Rig – For offline tool repair & setting
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