Converting Excellence supplies the highest quality rotary dies to the cardboard packaging industry, always competitively priced. They are uniquely designed, and have intricate features for tool and gap setting; ask us for the details! The typical product offering ranges from rotary die cutting, creasing, punching and embossing tools. Converting Excellence´s rotary cutting dies are either segmented or solid, dependent on the carton design, tool width, the lifetime needed and your budget. Premium quality segmented tools for continuous record-breaking production or “value” solid tools for start-up quantities, trials and short runs.

We use identical materials as European competition for our tool and segment manufacture with PM steel (Powder Metallurgy), the same bearings in assembly and we apply the same PVD & DLC coatings to further improve the lifetime of our tooling. Converting Excellence´s rotary tools can be supplied with adaptation parts (bearing blocks or tool frames) that are fully compatible with Bobst, ATN, Cerutti or Komori printing presses. Converting Excellence´s bearing blocks for Bobst gravure and flexo presses can be supplied with normal “mushrooms” for levelling or a special system offering even higher stability; ask us for the details!

We build stripping units for liquid packaging, horizontal and complete vertical embossing units compatible with Wetzel and Bobst embossing units. For extra peace-of-mind, we can supply in-line flap-breaking equipment, spare parts & spare segments for Converting Excellence´s rotary die cutting tools (PVD & DLC coated, if required).

Core products

Our high speed rotary die-cutting tools typically run on Bobst, ATN, Cerutti, Komori, BHS and Gallus printing presses.

Bobst Lemanic DR55/67 (DR55-S) cassette with rotary die cutting tool
Bobst DR67 cassette + 2 across rotary die cutting tool

Creasing cylinders for tobacco, liquid, fast-food and general packaging.

Bobst 820 frame with rotary creasing tool
Bobst DR85 rotary creasing cylinder for hinge lid round corner pack
Detail of round corner creases on rotary creasing tool

We make punching dies for Gallus, Uteco and other liquid packaging presses.

Male punching die for drinking straw
Female punching dies in case (PPH drinking straw)

Our standard solid embossing tools are mainly used in tobacco packaging.

Solid rotary embossing tool for Bobst DR85
Segmented embossing tool, useful for small runs or promotions
Segmented embossing tool

We make our own Bobst and ATN bearing blocks, with the highest precision possible, enabling high speed running and long lifetimes. The roundness, dimensions and tolerances are measured by Leitz laser equipment.

Bobst DR82/DR 85 high precision bearing blocks

Our tools frames are often made for Komori printing presses, but we also make frames for Wetzel units.

Komori GR830 frame with rotary die cutting tool
Komori GR frame with segmented embossing tool
Vertical embossing unit (Wetzel compatible)

You can optimise your press up-time. We make frames to set-up your tooling off-line. This is a unit for ATN presses

For offline tool setting
ATN hydraulic setup tool rig – for offline tool repair & setting

Our stripping units are used in liquid packaging lines. 

We design & build flap-breakers typically used for production of tobacco packaging:

Bobst Lemanic DR67 (DR 67-HS) compatible in-line flap-breaker (tab breaking tool)

Flap-breaker in press:

Bobst Riviera DR85 compatible in-line flap-breaker (tab breaker)

Need to integrate an extra embossing unit into your existing printing press? Check our horizontal and vertical embossing units! Compatible with Bobst and Wetzel units.

Bobst Lemanic compatible horizontal embossing unit
Bobst compatible vertical embossing unit, for Bobst Lemanic 820/Riviera DR85 or Bobst DR67
Bobst compatible vertical embossing unit, for Bobst Lemanic 820/Riviera DR85 or Bobst DR67

Of course our tools come with spare parts, such as stripping pins, stripping fingers and spare segments.

Various cutting segments used in rotary tools
Stripping fingers for waste separation, brass chromed

We have mastered the production of arched bottom segments, used in liquid packaging for quick change-over:

Arched bottom segments, used for liquid packaging tooling

Stripping pins – custom made to your design – in all sorts.

Stripping pins for waste pick-up, in all sorts and lengths
Special embossing tools

Embossing rollers, especially designed for running aluminum foil with metal or woolen counter roller

Embossing roller for running Aluminum foil

Embossing roller for PVC & PU artificial leather products

Embossing roller for PVC & PU artificial leather products

Roller to emboss PVC car leather

Roller for embossing PVC car leather

PVC sheets can be embossed with our special rollers:

Embossing roller for PVC sheet materials

High quality and intricate design wallpapers are embossed with our embossing rollers:

Embossing rollers for intricate wallpaper designs

Complex and delicate designs can be embossed, as rollers can be hand engraved:

Embossing rollers with hand engraving for delicate and intricate designs
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