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In the section below we published an overview of some of our projects.
Just click on the ‘read more’ link to see more about that specific project.

Vertical embossing unit BOBST printing press

If you are considering extending your BOBST printing press with an extra vertical embossing unit, please check out the unit YUNCHENG just built and commissioned. Embossing adds a tactile, as well as a visual dimension to the packages you produce. As

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Embossing Sleeves: Recycling

Perhaps your company has redundant embossing sleeves? We can recycle these! Copper is used as the engraving layer. The roundness tolerance is 0.005-0.01mm the engraving company is part of the Shanxi Group and a known & reputable tobacco packaging engraver (references available)

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ATN hydraulic setup tool rig

For customers that run ATN presses, or use ATN Rotary die-cutting units on their printing presses, we make hydraulic setup tool rigs. These are offline frames that mirror the fixed frames in the rotary die cutting section of the ATN

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Converting Excellence B.V. supplies rotary tooling used for high speed production of paperboard packaging on the most modern printing lines. Product Offering Rotary die cutting (segmented & solid) Creasing, punching and embossing dies Adaptation parts (bearing blocks – compatible with

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