Reconditioning - repairing - resharpening - re-segmenting
cutting & punching tools

We are a full service company. We start with tool design and end up with testing your tools in production. We offer convenient after-sales service, for instance on your spare parts, segments and punches. Likewise, we offer warranty on our tools, parts and repairs. We will always try to modify your tools or bearing blocks before making new. We do reconditioning (re-sharpening), re-segmentation of your cutting & punching tools, also for tools made by our competitors! To sum up, you can rely on Converting Excellence (CE) and Yuncheng.

Joint design. Experienced engineering team

Converting Excellence jointly designs your new tooling and equipment with Yuncheng its experienced engineering team. We incorporate your wishes and your company’s individual specifications. We review the drawings with you and approve them before production. During production, you are welcome to visit us and see our facilities at Yuncheng in Guan near Beijing.

Inspection & dispatch 

After assembly, Yuncheng carefully inspects your tools. We can send you samples for your approval before we dispatch your tools. To ensure short delivery times, we usually airfreight your tooling to save you time. Alternatively, we can consider train or sea freight to keep the cost down. We keep the logistics and transport in our own hand to ensure control of this part of the process as well. 


Joint installation on site 

The qualified field technicians from Yuncheng do the installation of new tools. We test & commission them in your production. We train your operators in the safe and efficient use of our equipment. We follow a simple rule: we don’t leave until you are completely satisfied! Even during travel bans in 2020 & 2021 our field engineers continue to travel out to service our customers! 

Reconditioning & re-segmentation of your cutting & punching tools


The Yuncheng factory team does reconditioning of our cutting & punching tools (re-sharpening & repair); we also do modifications, reconditioning (re-sharpening) of cutting & punching tools and re-segmentation of the equipment made by competitors.


Engineering Solutions

We design and manufacture other equipment like frames, stripping units, delivery-end equipment. Also, we make other machine parts to your specifications. We work with some truly excellent sub-contractors. One of them is a Boeing certified parts’ supplier. As said, you can rely on Converting Excellence as your tooling and parts supplier.

Our services:

Converting Excellence’s tooling is jointly designed with Yuncheng’s experienced engineering team, incorporating your wishes and your company’s individual specifications. Our engineering drawings are made to high standards.


Yuncheng’s and our specialist sub-contractor’s production is in the South of Beijing, near Gu An.

CNC Capacity

All tools and spare parts are carefully assembled and inspected by Yuncheng’s QA department. Our bearing blocks are laser inpected on Leitz equipment.

QA Inspection with Leitz laser equipment
QA Inspection of rotary tooling & spare parts

We keep all logistics under our own control. Usually, our tools are shipped by air freight and spare parts by courier. We can ship by train or sea freight to reduce costs. We work with just a few selected transport agents to minimise risk of damage, loss etc. And of course, get your tools back into production as quickly as possible!

We commission new tools into production.

Usually, we spend about 2- 3 days in your facility to help unpack and set up tooling for production.

Unpacking & installation
Tool set up by one of our field engineers

During these 2-3 days, we train your engineers and help them to familiarise themselves with tool adjustment and trouble shooting. We commission the tools into production. 

Final adjustment in the machine

We follow a simple rule: we don’t leave until you are satisfied!

Our tools and spare parts come with 1 year warranty, often extended much beyond that.

Reconditioning (resharpening) of our tooling is done by Yuncheng; we also modify and recondition (resharpen) competitors’ equipment.

We repair and renew segments of our own and those of competitors. The repaired segments can be used as spare segments.

Tool inspection of one of our used tools prior to reconditioning (resharpening)

We repair segments of our own and those of competitors. They can then be used as spare segments.

Repair (needed) of rotary die cutting segment

We will always to try to modify your tooling if optimisations are needed or if designs of the end-customer are changed.

Tool and segment modifications

We can modify your bearing blocks and cassettes – within certain size limits – to suit the new tool circumference, thus saving you costs!

Engineering solutions:

We can design & manufacture your spare parts for tooling, such as stripping pins and fingers, cassettes, gear sets, tool inserts etc. etc. This is core business for us.

Gears for flap-breaking equipment (in need of replacement)
Spare segments for 29mm pouring spouts in liquid packaging (in production)

We work with some truly excellent sub-contractors.

One of them is a mainstream supplier to the aerospace industry and is an approved Boeing spare parts manufacturer. Access to this type of company is very much restricted. Ask us!

Complex in/outlet
High precision ball bearings
Turbine blades
Hydraulic adjustment ram
Various complex engineering parts
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